How to Let Little Ones Help with Chores

How do you juggle keeping up with the house and chasing toddlers? Combine them together! Here’s how to get your littles helping you with chores – and loving it.


  • The biggest thing you MUST know about letting little help you around the house
  • How to plan for a toddler in your daily routine
  • Why your attitude is crucial (and what it should be)
  • 9+ real-life examples of how your toddler can start helping you today
  • Why imitation is your biggest ally in teaching tots to help
  • Which tools should be child-sized
  • Where to look for further ideas, inspiration, and step-by-step plans for including your little one
  • Creating safe play spaces around your workspaces
  • How to handle toddler-sized attention spans
  • Some tips for teaching your child to help with chores even beyond the toddler years

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