Healthy Food for Children up to 3 Years

The Code is there to protect babies from unethical marketing.To encourage children to develop a healthy diet, marketing for children’s products should be prohibited for up to 36 months. Because through marketing unsuitable products, inappropriate portion sizes and nutrition claims are presented to parents of young children.

A healthy diet

A young baby is breastfed. If the young baby does not get breastfeeding, he gets breast milk, donor milk or artificial nutrition. Not earlier than with 12 months the milk food of a child can be (also) daily fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. From 12 months on, artificial nutrition is no longer necessary.
From 6 months, or sooner if there is a reason for it, a child will have the opportunity to practice with flavors, textures solid food, in addition to breastfeeding or other milk food that remains the main source of food. We call it practice, because of between 6 and 10 months, children increasingly acquire the motor skills to eat solid food safely. They learn to eat solid food, to bring it from the front of the mouth to the back of the mouth, to chew, to grind or to crush and to swallow it. The more variation in the offer, the more enriching the learning process. Softly boiled broccoli feels very different in your mouth than dense boiled broccoli!

Optimal nutrition for optimal health:

Under optimal nutrition for children under 36 months should, in short, be understood: breastfeeding, breast milk, donor milk, homemade dishes of locally available seasonal products. Healthy food for children up to 3 years is important so that children can grow up healthy.

With optimal dietary habits for infants and young children, children can be protected against non-over

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